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Mascot Feature



3.Unlimited sizes, shaped and design
This type of costume can be created in any desired design and allow large volumes. This kind of mascot is ideally suited for creating packaging designs with four-color printing for labels and logos.

4.Designed by engineering Team
We have engineering team to create this mascot. Our custom inflatable mascots are self-ventilated suits that inflate with a self- powered blower 12 volt battery. A person equipped with a ventilation system fit into the costume and swells. Each battery allows the use of the mascot for about 30-45 minutes. The blower system is based on the same principle as inflatable castles for children. The blower is carried by a person inside the costume.


1 Eye-catching & professional mascot costumes
The Mascot is all about drawing attention. It is an inexpensive and visual way to attract attention and to deliver a message.

2.Customized inflatable
The custom-made mascot with forced air is an innovative concept that is attracting more and more professionals in the area of animation and events.


5. Light weight fabric material.
Air Mascot made shaped by air forced with light material like Boa and Taffeta polyester . We can easily make our mascots collapsible to help you save on shipping costs and to make storage easier. The air mascot weight is only 5-7kg with ultimate compact packing size at 35cm x 45cm x 30cm

6. Clear Vision
Beside the normal eyelet, we have 170 degree full HD front view camira for better vision.

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